Website Design
A well designed website is a valuable addition to any business. MDM Designs can personally design a site of any size, to your specifications, including scanning photos/pictures and optimizing them for the web. We will work with you from the beginning to determine and outline your needs and requirements regarding your website. If desired, we can also assist in writing or editing copy for you.

If you plan on including photographs on your site, original photos are desired for the best results. The higher the quality of the photo, the better the quality of the image on the web site. Proofs, pages from a magazine, or color copies cannot be used in creating a quality web site. Please remember that use of photos from a Professional Photographer require written releases.

Website Maintenance
All websites need regular updating and maintenance to keep visitors coming back. This includes adding fresh content to your site, adding or removing pictures, text, links, or what have you. MDM Designs can "stay on the job" and maintain your site.

Domain Name Registration
An effective and memorable domain name ( that identifies your business, product, or service is essential for easy access to your site on the Internet. If you don't already have a domain name registered, MDM Designs can guide you through the process. Generally domain names can be purchased for $35 a year, with discounts for multiple year commitments.

Once your Web site has been designed, it has to be placed on a server (host) so that the rest of the world can access the pages. Not to worry, MDM Designs can take care of this for you! If you already have a website host, we are also more then willing to work with your existing service.

Other Services
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